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The Blau Aquaristic Calcium Reactors are one of the best systems for providing an automatic and constant supply of calcium and carbonates.


Easy to install.

Continuous addition of carbonates and calcium.

Gas reinjection system: Total use of injected CO2.

Add on reaction chambers are an optional accessory for the “Calcireactors” that make it possible to use the output water's low pH to dilute more calcium carbonate or other important substances, such as magnesium carbonate.

Furthermore, due to the high concentration of carbonates obtained, they can be used to house iron-based anti-phosphate resins, which consume large quantities of carbonates.

Calcireactor CR70

Ref. 7750070

Measures: 45x21x15 cm

Aquarium: Up to 600 liters

Pump: OTP 500

Power: 8 w

Calcireactor CR100

Ref. 7750100

Measures: 50x24x18 cm

Aquarium: Up to 2000 liters

Pump: OTP 1000

Power: 18 w

Calcireactor CR140

Ref. 7750140

Measures: 59x30x20 cm

Aquarium: Up to 3000 liters

Pump: OTP 2000

Power: 38 w

Ref. 7750075  Add on Chamber 70    35x11x11 cm

Ref. 7750105  Add On Chamber 100  39x14x14 cm

Ref. 7750145  Add on Chamber 140   40x18x18 cm

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