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Blau Aquaristic Hidroxireactor:

Automatic addition of limewater.

Provides large quantities of calcium.

Neutralises the acids produced in the aquarium by the calcium reactor.

Blau Aquaristic Zeofiltre is a filter designed to use zeolites like filter media, which have the ability of absorb nutrients in the water, as well as being a very appropriate substrate for bacterial colonization.

Hidroxireactor 100

Ref. 7751100

Measures: 52x17x13 cm

Aquarium: up to 2000 litres

Pump: OTP-500

Poer: 8w

Hidroxireactor 140

Ref. 7751140

Measures: 59x24x17 cm

Aquarium: up to 3000 litres

Pump: OTP-1000

Poer: 18w

Zeofiltre 100

Ref. 7752100

Measures: 49x20x16 cm

Aquarium: up to 600 litres

Pump: OTP-1000

Poer: 18w

Zeofiltre 140

Ref. 7751150

Measures: 50x30x20 cm

Aquarium: up to 1500 litres

Pump: OTP-2000

Poer: 38w

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