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Blau Aquaristic Level Controller allows control and refill the evaporation water in the aquarium by a sensor and a pump.

The probe is held to the glass by a magnet, In this way the sensor is attached very tightly but at the same time is very easy to move if necessary.

With the 2 sensors system (Dual Level Controller) you have more safety, the second probe can be placed in the refill deposit to stop the pump if the water level it's so low that the pump can risk to burn if runs in dry conditions.


1 level sensor (Single Level Controller) or

2 level sensors (Dual Level Controller)

Magnet holders

DC Pump 3,5 w 200 l/h Hma.: 2m

40 cm silicone hose

Acrilyc "U" tube.

Single Level Controller

Dual Level Controller

Reference 7710021

1 Level Sensor

Reference 7710021

2 Level Sensors

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