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Laboratory grade components

3 independents pumps.

Extendable up to 11 pumps.

Calibration function.

Fully programmable.

Internal clock (memory in case of power off)

Alarm function (in case of motor break down or lack of liquid)

Multidosing Pump

Reference 7794010

Master controller + 3 pumps system

Extendable to 11 pumps

Extension Multidosing

Reference 7794011

Slave system of 4 peristaltic pumps

Cannot work independently of the main unit.

Spare dosing pump head Ref. 7794012

Spare dose pipe Ref. 7794013


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New Version!

New Multidosing Pump

Instructions Español

New Multidosing Pump

Instructions Français

New Multidosing Pump

Instructions English

Single dosing pump

Reference 7794017

Allows to dose between 1 and 99ml.

Gap between doses: from 1 hour to 7 days.

Keeps the last programming after power cut.

Dose easily programmable.

Pull-out head without open the pump.

Performance at 12V.

Single Dosing  Pump

Instructions Español

Single Dosing Pump

Instructions English