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Blau Aquaristic Polyparium is designed for the exhibition of corals in a shop or for paludariums.

The lower front glass allow the top view of the corals and facilitates the coral handling.

Two base sizes that adapts to our existing cabinets, that can hold inside all the marine equipment.

The back glass has an emerged surface well illuminated idela for the logo of the shop in vinile.

For marine systems it's necessary to order the Internal Overflow separately.

Ref. 7781045  Polyparium 45    45x45x30/45 cm   50 liters

Ref. 7781062  Polyparium 62    62x62x32/50 cm   115 liters

Ref. 7781045 Polyparium 45

Ref. 7781062 Polyparium 62

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