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Flow 2000 l/h

Height Max. 1,8 m

Nominal Power: 24w

Efficiency: 90%

Real Power consumption: 18W

Air intake: 1000 l/h

Reef Motion 2000

Reef Motion 3000

Reef Motion 5000

Reef Motion 7000

Blau Aquaristic's Reef Motion pumps are first aquarium pumps designed specifically for use with protein skimmers and other utilities in the marine aquarium.

 -Very low power consumption, the real eco-pump.

- Very high amount of air injected.

- Large volute for optimal water-air premix.

- The silicon nitride shaft and bearing, high-tech ceramics, give it an unusual strength to prevent wear and tear and avoid noise and vibration. This material also prevents the deposition and accumulation of calcium carbonate that may cause malfunction of the pump.

 - Contains one "chip" at all times to optimize energy consumption and protects the pump in case of overheating.

- Can be used for protein skimmers, to move water in marine aquariums, freshwater aquariums and ponds.

Flow 3000 l/h

Height Max. 1,8 m

Nominal Power: 35w

Efficiency: 92%

Real Power consumption: 22W

Air intake: 1300 l/h

Flow 5200 l/h

Height Max. 3,5 m

Nominal Power: 60w

Efficiency: 97%

Real Power consumption: 30W

Air intake: 2000 l/h

Flow 6800 l/h

Height Max. 3,5 m

Nominal Power: 88w

Efficiency: 92%


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