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Blau Aquaristic’s Wave Motion is a pump designed for simulate the waves and marine currents in the aquarium. A good water movement has beneficial effects in the aquarium's life: avoiding the detritus accumulation, improving the oxygenation in the aquarium, helping in sessile organisms feeding, etc.


-Control module with 7 different programmes, pulse mode included, easy to use.

- The system runs on low voltage (24v) for a safe use.

- The pump can be oriented (180ยบ) according to the aquarium's requirements.

- Magnetic/suction-cup holder.

- Silent operation.

- Light sensor for night operation.

Reference: 7794000

Flow: 4000 l/h

Power: 10 w

Measures (mm): 59x52x86


Wave Motion 4000

Reference: 7798000

Flow: 8000 l/h

Power: 20 w

Measures (mm): 79x66x110


Wave Motion 8000

Reference: 7791300

Flow: 13000 l/h

Power: 32 w

Measures (mm): 104x92x140


Wave Motion 13000

Reference: 7792000

Flow: 20000 l/h

Power: 32 w

Measures (mm): 105x93x148


Wave Motion 20000

Controller with internal night sensor. 

Coordinate two pumps Wireless

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