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Reach the aquarium of your dreams.

Blau Aquaristic will help you

Involved in the new aquarium

Aquascaping, shrimp, reef aquarium, all the tools for the new aquarium hobby


Shrimp and Nano Aquarium

Nano aquariums, nano lights, nano filters, aquarium soil, all that you need for your nano  piece of nature at home.



We pay special attention to new trends and develop the best tools so you can make the aquarium of your dreams come true.


Reef Aquarium

From the beginning We have been linked to the world of the marine aquarium importing fish, corals and marine invetebrates for more than 14 years, that's why we know firsthand the world of the reef aquarium.



Our news about events and new products
Blau Terra Activa Premium
July27, 2022
Terra Activa Premium presentation

Presentation of Terra Activa Premium, enriched with more nutrients to obtain spectacular results.

Blau Stainless Filter
July 26, 2022
Market launch of Stainless Steel Filters

Presented at Interzoo 2022, the Blau Aquaristic stainless steel filters were already on sale in July, combining elegance and efficiency in equal parts.

Blau Interzoo 2022
24 to 27 May 2022 at the Nuremberg 
Interzoo 2022

We were present at the 2022 edition of Interzoo, a different edition due to COVID and the war at Ukraine.

Catalogue 2022!

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