Mechanical filtration

Blau Filter Roll
Filter Roll

Automated mechanical filter

Blau Filter sock
Filter sock

Mechanical filter

Blau Filter Roll

Filter Roll

Automatic regeneration of the filter material to obtain optimal filtration at all times

  1. Efficient filtration thanks to automatic regeneration of the filter fleece
  2. It prevents waste substance remain in contact with water
  3. Very compact format, space saver
  4. It reduces filter media maintenance work
Blau Filter Roll
Filter Roll 1500

Reference: 7751500
Measures: 405x165x185 mm
Filtration Flow: 1500 l/h
Roll width: 72 mm
Water inlet: 32 mm or 30 mm hose

Blau Filter Roll
Filter Roll 3000

Reference: 7753000
Measures: 405x195x185 mm
Filtration Flow: 3000 l/h
Roll width: 100 mm
Water inlet: 40 mm or 40 mm hose

Roll Fleece 

Ref.7751501   Roll Fleece 1500 (spare roll for FR 1500) (72 mm)
Ref. 7753001  Roll Fleece 3000 (spare roll for FR 3000) (100 mm)

Blau Filter Roll
Blau Filter Sock

Filter sock

The easiest way to keep water crystal clear

  1. Help keep water crystal clear
  2. Can be easily removed for cleaning
  3. Improves the performance of the other filters by delaying their clogging
  4. 100 mm diameter sock
  5. 100 micron pore sock
Filter sock system 

Reference: 7710050
Measures: 155x140x130 mm
Inlet 40 mm diameter 
Filter sock diameter: 10 mm
Sock included

Blau Filter Sock
Spare Sock 

Reference: 7710051
Lenght: 300 mm
Diameter: 100 mm
Pore: 225 micron

Blau Filter Sock