Water accelerators

and accessories for the water outlet

Blau eductor

Vortex Eductor

Thanks to their design based on the venturi effect, they increase the flow of water up to 4 times the flow at the outlet of the pump, having a beneficial effect on the health of the aquarium.

Ref. 7780032 Vortex Eductor 1/2" (male thread)
Ref. 7780043 Vortex Eductor 3/4" (male thread)
Ref. 7780044 Vortex Eductor 1" (male thread)

Blau eductor

Rotative Eductor

It also increases the flow of water up to 4 times, but at the same time it takes advantage of the force of the water to rotate the direction of the water outlet, in this way it distributes the flow better and depending on the position with respect to the water level of the aquarium it can produce a wave effect.

Ref. 7780045 Rotative Eductor 1/2" (male thread)
Ref. 7780046 Rotative Eductor 3/4" (male thread)
Ref. 7780047 Rotative Eductor 1" (male thread)

Blau Nano Flo


An ingenious mechanism rotates the water outlet so that it can create a wave effect on the water surface while better distributing the flow.

Ref. 7780040 Nano-Flo 1/2" (male thread)
Ref. 7780041 Nano-Flo 3/4" (male thread)