Blau Mini Lumina

Mini Lumina RGB+

Compact, Sexy and Powefull

Blau Aquascaping

All the light that your plants need

The combination of white LEDs with RGB LEDs allows to have an optimal full spectrum for the development of aquarium plants.

RGB+ Technology

RGB + technology consists of using RGB LEDs (three colors: red, green and blue in a single LED) and combining them with specific white LEDs in the case of the freshwater version and Royal Blue, Blue and violet in the marine version. .
The specific channel gives the necessary light power and the RGB LEDs allow the desired color tone to be given to the aquarium.
This technology improves the performance of luminaires that use RGBW (that is, LEDs with four colors in one, Red, Green, Blue and White) since having the white channel separated from the other three allows for more light power. It also improves the performance of those that use individual colored LEDs, since by having the three colors very close together, the mixture is much better, avoiding the multicolored effect or having to use a translucent cover that greatly reduces the intensity of the luminaire.

Blau RGB+

Module the color tone

Thanks to the RGB+W system you can adjust the color of your aquarium without losing light power.
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Blau RGB+ Led
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Blau Mini Lumina

Adjustable stand legs

Fully adjustable stands both in length and height so that it can be adapted to aquariums longer than the luminaire and moved closer to or further away from the surface. It can also be positioned on an inclined plane with respect to the surface to produce special lighting effects.

Blau Controller RGB+

4 channel controller

It allows you to control the power of each channel, adjusting the light to the needs of the aquarium both in terms of power and color.

Blau Mini Lumina

Epoxy resin coating

A thin layer of epoxy resin protects all the connections of the LED board so that nothing would happen if the luminaire accidentally fell into the water. At the same time, it allows the luminaire to be installed in places with high humidity.

Blau Mini Lumina

Secondary lenses

The secondary lenses focus the light on the aquarium, no light is wasted in the surroundings of the aquarium, it increases the penetration of light and optimizes the wattage of the light.

16 mm thin


Reference ModelPowerMeasuresIluminance
7730033Mini Lumina RGB+W 3024 w300x78x16 mm2642 lumen
7730034Mini Lumina RGB+ Marine 3024 w300x78x16 mm1584 lumen
7730043Mini Lumina RGB+ W 40 31 w400x78x16 mm3621 lumen
7700044Mini Lumina RGB+ Marine31 w400x78x16 mm2046 lumen
7700063Mini Lumina RGB+W 6046 w600x78x16 mm4886 lumen
7700064Mini Lumina  RGB+ Marine 6046 w600x78x16 mm3036 lumen
7700093Mini Lumina RGB+ W 90 70 w900x78x16 mm6478 lumen
7700094Mini Lumina RGB+ Marine 90 70 w900x78x16 mm4620 lumen
Built-in 4 channel controller

It allows to adjust the power and the optimal color for each aquarium.
The configuration will be saved and will be maintained even if the power goes out, the light is turned off or a timer is used..

Blau Light Controller

How to configure the 4 channel controller?


White or Marine Channel

You can adjust the intensity with the + or - buttons.

Press the <Ch> button once and you will enter the BLUE channel

The other 3 channels will remain off while you adjust the blue channel with the + and - buttons.

Press the <Ch> button again and you will enter the RED channel.

The blue color will be shown as you have saved it and the red channel that can be adjusted.

Press the <Ch> button again and you will enter the GREEN  channel.

Now you can regulate the green color, but the blue and red colors will be displayed at the same time.

Press the <Ch> button again and the selection will be saved.

All channels will be displayed at the same time and you can adjust the white or marine channel.

Best-in-class efficiency

Mini Lumina RGB+W (Fresh Water)

Blau Stick Lumina RGB+

Mini Lumina RGB+W 30

Blau Nano Lumina RGB+

Mini Lumina RGB+W 40

Blau Stick Lumina

Mini Lumina RGB+W 60

Blau Stick Lumina

Mini Lumina RGB+W 90

Mini Lumina RGB+W Marine

Mini Lumina RGB+ Marine

Mini Lumina RGB+Marine 30

Mini lumina RGB+Marine 40

Mini Lumina RGB+Marine 40

Mini Lumina RGB+Marine 60

Mini Lumina RGB+Marine 60

Mini Lumina RGB+ Marine 90

Mini Lumina RGB+Marine 90