Stainless  CO2 diffusers

Plants,water, gas and...stainless steel

Beauty is not at odds with efficiency.


The elegant stainless steel finish combines with the other elements of the CO2 system and even with the aquarium light fixture.

High performance

Made of high quality materials ensure optimum performance for the best dissolution of CO2 in water.

Blau Stainless Diffuser


Made of high quality stainless steel, they are obviously much stronger than the fragile glass and do not deteriorate over time as it does with acrylic.

Replaceable ceramic

The ceramic diffuser disc can be removed for better cleaning or for replacement, for continued optimal operation

Blau Stainless Diffuser

7790042 Stainless CO2 diffuser S-20 H= 20 cm Φ=20 mm
7790043 Stainless CO2 diffuser M-20 H=25 cm Φ=20 mm
7790044 Stainless CO2 diffuser M-31 H=30 cm Φ=31 mm
7790056 Stainless CO2 diffuser L-31 H=40cm Φ=31 mm  

Blau Stainless Diffuser

7790051 Spare Ceramic diffuser  (Φ=20 mm)
7790052 Spare Ceramic diffuser (Φ=31 mm) 

Blau StainlessCheck valve

7790046 Stainless check valve 

Blau Stainless Diffuser
Blau Stainless Diffuser

Start-up instructions

for proper operation


Fill with water

Open by unscrewing the cover of the diffuser, remove the ceramic disc and immerse it in the aquarium water to fill it with water. Close the diffuser.


Connect the air tube

Place the diffuser in the desired place of the aquarium. Connect the air tube and open the CO2 supply.


Wait a few hours

It's normal that at first large bubbles go out by the union of rubber and ceramics. The rubber takes some time to swell by hydration.


Enjoy it!

After a few hours the bubbles will start to be smaller and smaller, for an efficient diffusion.