Hang On Filters

The characteristics of the filters with the Hang On system make them very interesting for use in nano aquariums and specifically in aquascaping.

  • The filter pump does not generate heat in the water.
  • Filter maintenance is very easy.
  • The filter chamber has space to contain additional filter media such as ceramic rings.
  • For photographic sessions the filter can be removed without affecting the aquascape.
  • Optimal water circulation for an efficient filtration.
Blau FM 60
Hang On Filter FM-60

Ref. 7700060
Filtration: 2 layer sponge
Flow: 60 l/h
Power: 4w
Aquarium: Up to 20 liters

Blau FM 120
Hang On Filter FM-120

Ref. 7700120
Filtration: 1 layer sponge + active carbon cartridge
Flow: 120 l/h
Power: 4w
Aquarium: Up to 40 liters

Blau FM 60 sponges

Ref. 7700061  Sponge FM-60 (2+2 pieces)

Blau FM 120 sponges

Ref. 7700121 Sponge FM -120 (2 pieces)

Blau FM 120 carbon cartridge

Ref. 7700122 Carbon Cartridge FM -120 (2 pieces)

External Filter EF-360

The power of a professional filter in a small space.
Ref 7700360

  • Quiet and powerful
  • Operates the three stages of filtration: mechanical, chemical and biological.
  • For aquariums up to 90 liters
  • Efficient  filtration
  • Flow: 360 l/h
  • Can be used ans an additional filter for specific filtering
Blau EF 360
Spare sponge for EF-360

Ref. 7700361 

Blau EF 360 sponge
Carbon Cartridge EF-360

Ref. 7700362

Blau EF 360 cartridge

Surface Skimmer

Ref. 7700080
Eliminates the oily layer that forms on the surface of the water, improving gas exchange and the penetration of light in the aquarium.
The floating head automatically adjusts to the aquarium water level ensuring optimal and continuous operation.

  • Silent
  • Adjustable water flow.
  • For fresh and salt water aquariums.
  • For aquariums up to 180l.
  • Power: 3,5w
  • Max. water Flow: 250 l/h
  • Measures: 133X442x56 mm
Blau Surface Skimmer
Blau Surface Skimmers spare parts

Surface Skimmer Maintenance Kit

Ref. 7700081
Sponges and suction cups