Skimmers are the kidney of the marine aquarium

An essential piece of marine aquarium filtration must meet quality and efficiency for the correct performance of the aquarium.


Designed for optimum performance with minimum power consumption


Made by high quality materials to extend their useful life



Adopting the last technological advances for improved efficiency


Easy installation and management.
Plug and skim.

Nano Skimmers

They can be placed inside the main tank, in the filtration compartment or in the sump.
For aquariums up to 300 liters.

Smimmers MKB series

To be placed inside the sump.
For aquariums up to 2900 liters.

Blau Nano Skimmer

Nano Skimmers

Best solution for small and no-sump aquariums

  1. To be placed inside the aquarium or sump
  2. Easy to install.
  3. Efficient and noise free operation

Nano skimmer models:

Scuma 0635

Reference: 7700635
Measures: 330x100x70 mm
Body diameter: 60 mm
Aquarium: up to 120 litres
Air injected: 150 l/h
DC pump 12v. 0,5A

Scuma 0720 

Reference: 7700720
Measures: 335x120x80 mm
Body diameter: 70 mm
Aquarium: up to 200 litres
Air injected: 220 l/h
DC pump 12v. 1 A

Scuma 0730

Reference: 7700730
Measures: 410x120x80 mm
Body diameter: 70 mm
Aquarium: up to 300 litres
Air injected: 350 l/h
DC pump 12v. 1,5 A

Scuma MKB series

Classic milk bottle body, for an optimum performance.
Super space saver design (internal pump and knife gate valve).
The silencer bracket turns 360º allowing its better placement.
Silencer with ozone intake.
Silicon feet anti-vibration.
Level sensor for avoid the cup overflow.
Fully removable body for full cleaning.

Blau skimmer

3 ways of regulation

For optimal skimming  performance
Blau Reef Motion Skimmer
Controllable DC pump

The Reef Motion DC pumps allow the flow rate to be adjusted from 0-100%, thus achieving a perfect adjustment of the inlet water to the skimmer and the air injection. Depending on the height of the water in the sump, a greater or lesser flow will be needed to maintain an adequate column of water within the skimmer.

Blau Skimmer
Knife gate valve output 

The thread of the outlet gate allows a fine adjustment of the water outlet.By closing the gate, the water accumulates in the body of the skimmer and the internal level rises.

Blau Skimmer Silencer
Adjustable air inlet

The silencer has a damper to regulate the air inlet. Not always a maximum air intake favors optimal foaming.

We were the first to install an overflow sensor.

Indeed, we were the first to look for a solution to the skimmer overflow. In the skimmers based on injecting air with powerful pumps, any variation of the external parameters can mean a mismatch of the skimmer that could overflow the collecting cup with fatal consequences.

Blau Skimmer Sensor

Reef Motion pump matches perfectly with your protein skimmer

Their special characteristics allow them superior performance with respect to other pumps when used in protein skimmers

Silent and Powerful

Powerful for injecting a lot of air and at the same time to avoid noise produced by vibrations

Feeding time

The possibility of programming the pump to make up to three feeding times allows to coordinate  the decrease  of the protein skimmer performance during periods of feeding or adding elements, avoiding the loss of newly added elements as well as the overflow.

Play with the power

The possibility of regulating the power of the pump allows a perfect adjustment to the skimming needs of the skimmer.


By connecting a level sensor located in the skimmer cup you can avoid its overflow.

Blau Skimmer pump

Do you need more information about Reef Motion pumps?

Scuma MKB series

Technical data:

Blau Scuma MKB 130 DC
Scuma MKB 130DC

Ref. 7700130
Aquarium: Up to 500 liters
Air Intake: 600l/h
Pump: Reef Motion 1.5KDC
Power consumption: 18w
Diameter: 130 mm
Height: 478 mm
Footprint: 152x140 mm
Working water level: 10-16cm

Blau Scuma MKB 160 DC
Scuma MKB 160DC

Ref. 7700160
Aquarium: Up to 1000 liters
Air Intake: 1000l/h
Pump: Reef Motion 2.3KDC
Power consumption: 28w
Diameter: 160 mm
Height: 538 mm
Footprint: 182x170 mm
Working water level: 10-20 cm

Blau Scuma MKB 200 DC
Scuma MKB 200DC

Ref. 7700202
Aquarium: Up to 1800 liters
Air Intake: 1650l/h
Pump: Reef Motion 4KDC
Power consumption: 35w
Diameter: 200 mm
Height: 560 mm
Footprint: 223x210 mm
Working water level: 15-25 cm

Blau Scuma MKB 250 DC
Scuma MKB 250DC

Ref. 7700252
Aquarium: Up to 2900 liters
Air Intake: 2500l/h
Pump: Reef Motion  8KDC
Power consumption: 70w
Diameter: 250 mm
Height: 580 mm
Footprint: 273x260 mm
Working water level: 15-25 cm

Manual Skimmer Cup Cleaners

It facilitates the maintenance and cleaning of the skimmer collection cup while improving its performance

Blau Manual Cleaner Scuma
Blau Manual Cleaner Skimmer

Manual Skimmer Cup Cleaner

Reef 7700135 Manual Cup Cleaner for MKB 130
Reef 7700165 Manual Cup Cleaner for MKB 160
Reef 7700205 Manual Cup Cleaner for MKB 200
Reef 7700255 Manual Cup Cleaner for MKB 250