Reef Salt and Consumables

Blau Terra Marina

Terra Marina (Coral sand)

Reef Salt SPS grade

Especially recommended for aquariums with high growth of SPS hard corals.
Free of Nitrates, Phosphates, Silicates and heavy metals.
Enriched with magnesium,calcium, strontium, potassium, iron and B1 and B12 vitamines.
Contains all necessary trace elements of the natural sea water.
Rapid dissolution without residues.

Blau SPS Reef Salt

Easy dissolving

It dissolves quickly without leaving any residue

Blau SPS Reef Salt


Total Absence of nitrates, phosphates, silicates, heavy metals and other contaminants.


Enriched with magnesium,calcium, strontium, potassium, iron and B1 and B12 vitamines.

Blau SPS Reef Salt 1Kg

Reef Salt sps grade 1 Kg

Ref. 7740030
To produce 30 liters of pure Sea Water

Blau SPS Reef Salt 4Kg

Reef Salt sps grade 4 Kg

Ref. 7740004
To produce 120 liters of pure Sea Water

Blau SPS Reef Salt 20 Kg

Reef Salt sps grade 20 Kg

Ref. 77400420
To produce 600 liters of pure Sea Water

Blau Reefractometer


The most accurate and professional way to measure salt content in water

Automatically compensates temperature
Dedicated, easy-to-read scale for marine and reef aquariums (1,000-1,030 / 0-40).
Contains: refractometer, hard carrying case, cloth and dropper.


Escala dedicada, de fácil lectura, para acuario marino y de arrecife (1.000-1.030/0-40)
Autocompensador de temperatura.
Contiene: Refractometro, Pipeta, Gamuza y caja de transporte

Ref. 7720000

Bio Pellets

The most effective way to reduce Nitrates in the aquarium.

What are they? 

The Blau Aquaristic Bio Pellets are made of biodegradable polymers which serve both as a food substrate of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, which transformed and remove nitrates and phosphates.

How to use:

It is preferable to use in fluidized bed reactors to ensure good water circulation and greater efficiency. It can also be used in canister filters and mechanical filters provided to ensure good circulation.It is recommended that the filter output is connected with a good protein skimmer for removing excess bacterial biomass and re-oxygenate the water.

Blau Biopellts

How do they work?

The aerobic and anaerobic bacteria use the carbon from the BioPellets well as nitrates and phosphates from the water to form biomass that is removed through the skimmer or filter feeders organism.


Generally 100 ml of BioPellets per 100 liters of tank capacity, but can be increased or decreased depending on the biomass of the tank.The BioPellets are consumed by bacteria so that it is necessary to their regular restitution every 6 or 12 months.

Blau Biopellets

7740250 Bio Pellets 250 ml

To treat a 250 liter aquarium

Blau Biopellets

7740500 Bio Pellets 500 ml

To treat a 500 liter aquarium

Blau Biopellets

7741000 Bio Pellets 1000 ml

To treat a 1000 liter aquarium

Blau Biopellets reactor

The most efficient way to place Bio Pellets in an aquarium is by means of a fluid bed filter, since it keeps the granule in contact with the water, at the same time that the old battery colony is shed. It is recommended that the filter outlet water is close to the inlet of the protein skimmer, in this way the detached bacteria will be eliminated.

Blau Terra Marina

Terra Marina

Natural coral sand, clean and free of contaminants

7740001 Terra Marina 3 l. (Aprox. 4Kg) (0,5-1 mm) Sugar size
7740002 Terra Marina 3 l. (Aprox. 4Kg) (1-2 mm) Standard size
7741010 Terra Marina 3 l. (Aprox. 4Kg) (20-30 mm) For Calcium Reactors

Blau Biorings

Filter Media

Selected quality filter media. Packaged in measurements designed for All in One aquariums, but can be adapted for other filters.

Blau Bio Rings

7700070 Bio-rings

Ceramic rings optimal as a colonizable substrate for the bacteria responsible for biological filtration in both freshwater and marine aquariums.
Its high porosity creates a colonizable useful surface of more than 600 m2 per liter of material.
By favoring the creation of the biological cycle of nitrification helps the elimination of ammonium and nitrites in water.
Does not alter the pH value of the water.
Net content 300 gr

Blau Active Bamboo Carbon

7700071 Bamboo Active Carbon 

Made from refined bamboo following the Japaneses process.
Filtering capacity 20 times higher than conventional activated carbon due to its larger filtering surface.
Highly recommended for treatment of water that must be made in a short period of time.
Having lost their chemical properties can be used as an excellent substrate for biological filtration or ornamental plant soil.
Net content 200 gr

Blau Multipad

7700075 Multipad 

The layers are composed of sponges impregnated with substances with specific absorbent properties: coarse sponge, fine sponge, active carbon, ammonia reducer, nitrate reduce and  phosphate reducer.
 It can be used for both freshwater and for marine.
For better performance respect the order of the layers and the direction of the water flow.
Never change all the filter media at once.
85x85x85 mm

Blau Foam pad

7700076 Foampad 

Two sponge layers with different pore diameter for the mechanical filtration of suspended particles.
It can be used for both freshwater and for marine.
For better performance respect the order of the layers and the direction of the water flow.
Never change all the filter media at once.

Blau Coco Mat

Coco Mat

Natural media for hydroponic crops

100% biodegradable
From environmentally sustainable sources
Ideal for hydroponics and vertical gardens.
Retains water and humidity.
Keeps roots aerated.
Slightly acidifies the water.

Made from coconut fiber from
environmentally sustainable crops.
100% biodegradable, 100% natural.

Blau Coco Mat

It slightly acidifies the water creating an ideal medium for most plants.
Provides nutrients to the water.
Retains moisture.
Keeps roots aerated for rapid and healthy root growth.

Coco Mat

Reference 7700073
Presentation: 6 pieces of 10 x 10 x 1.5 cm
Made from natural coconut fiber

Blau Coco Mat Box