Temperature Control

Blau Aquaventilador Fan

Aquaventilador 2

Ref. 7776202
Measures: 16,5x3,5x11 cm
Power: 1,9 w
Fans: 2
Sound: 39dB
Up to 80 liters Aquarium
5 fan speeds

Blau Aquaventilador Fan

Aquaventilador 4

Ref. 7776204
Measures: 29 x3,5x11 cm
Power: 4 w
Fans: 4
Sound: 40dB
Up to 160 liters Aquarium
5 fan speeds

Blau Aquaventilador Fan

Aquaventilador 6

Ref. 7776206
Measures: 41,5x3,5x11 cm
Power: 5,7 w
Fans: 6
Sound: 41dB
Up to 240 liters Aquarium
5 fan speeds

The most environmentally friendly way to cool an aquarium is to use fans. It can be lowered between 2 and 3 degrees enough to avoid stress for the aquarium inhabitants. It is based on the principle of evaporative cooling.

All fans incorporate a 5-speed controller

Modifying the speed of the fans can be adjusted to the size of the aquarium or reduce the sound of the fans

Blau Aquaventilador Fan
Blau Aquaventilador Fan
Fix it on the aquarium glass

The best results are obtained with an inclination of 45º on the aquarium

Blau Fan Controller

Fan controller

Allows you to control the on and off of the fans through the aquarium temperature.

5 speeds
Removable temperature probe
For 12v fans. and up to 2A
Temperature range 0 to 40ºC
Ref. 7776210 

Between switching on and off there is a margin of one degree with respect to the selected temperature, although by not showing decimals the display will appear to be a margin of 2 degrees (for example, if the set is 25ºC, it will turn on when it reaches 26ºC and turn off upon reaching 24, (9) ºC)

Blau Nano Ventilador

Nano Ventilador +

The Complete Cooling System for Nano Aquariums

Smart cooling

Cooling Fan for Nano tanks
Up to 60 liters aquarium
Decrease water temperature 2 to 4 degrees
Built-in electronic temperature controller with digital display.
3 fan speed
Removable temperature probe
Power: 2,4w

Blau Nano Ventilador
Nano Ventilador + White

Ref. 776221

Nano Ventilador + Black

Ref 776220