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About Us

Blau Interzoo 2006

Interzoo 2006 Blau Aquaristic  Booth

Our history

Barcelona Marine Farm SL, the company that created and owns the Blau Aquaristic brand, was born in Barcelona in 1996 as a company dedicated to the import and export of fish, corals and marine invertebrates. Little by little, the main business began to be supplemented with accessories for marine aquariums. The aquarium business with its accessories is acquiring more volume. The need to develop a line of products that responds to the company's philosophy led to the creation of the Blau Aquaristic brand. 
In 2006, the new brand was presented at Interzoo with the first products: aquarium lights and marine filtration.

Blau Aquascaping Tools

New packaging for Aquascaping Tools made with 100% recyclable cardboard

Our philosophy

We flee personalism and elitism. Our products have to meet the demands of quality, aesthetics and functionality that the aquarist demands today. But at the same time it must be accessible to everyone.
Naturally we are a company committed to the environment and sustainability. The products are designed with the optimization of consumption and packaging in mind so that you use as many reusable materials as possible.

Blau Scuma Skimmer

Scuma MKB protein skimmer series

Our goal

Our goal is to provide aquarium enthusiasts with products of the highest quality, design and functionality so that they can make their dreams come true.