Aquarium Cabinets

Furniture designed for aquariums

Our furniture are not mere aquarium supports, they are designed to support the weight of an aquarium and at the same time house all the necessary filtration in a comfortable way, without sacrificing design and elegance.

Maximum inner space

The interior of the cabinet is designed to leave maximum free space so that it can house filters and accessories up to 780 mm in height.

Quality finishes 

Made with waterproof MDF board and covered with high-gloss white melamine or black high-gloss poly-laminate.
Complies with European standard EN 14322: 2017 Class E1 and EN 312:2010 Class P2 

Blau Aquarium Cabinet

Dry inside

One of the biggest enemies of aquarium furniture is humidity. Our furniture is designed for maximum ventilation and the entire base is accessible so that moisture does not accumulate in the corners.

Elegant design

Elegance and design meet functionality. Its simple shapes combine perfectly with any contemporary decor.

Made in European Union

Gran cubic stands

Gran Cubic Stand 6262 (62x62x80 cm)
7796265 Black
7796266 White

Gran Cubic Stand 9250 (92x50x80 cm)
7799254 Black
7799253 White

Gran Cubic Stand 12250 (122x50x80 cm)
7792263 Black
7792254 White

Gran Cubic Stand 15260 (152x60x80 cm)
7795263 Black
7795264 White  

Blau Gran Cubic stand
Combine the white or black structure with a colored door.

For systems 4545 and 6236 only.

Blau Cubic 4545

45x45x80 cm (door included)
7794500 Structure 4545 White Glossy
7794510 Structure 4545 Black Glossy

7794501 Door 4545 Lacquered White Glossy
7794502 Door 4545 Lacquered Black Glossy
7794503 Door 4545 Lacquered Red Glossy Pantone 1805
7794504 Door 4545 Lacquered Orange Glossy Pantone 137
7794505 Door 4545 Lacquered Yellow Glossy Pantone 123

7794506 Door 4545 AQUASCAPING White Glossy
7794507 Door 4545 AQUASCAPING Black Glossy

Blau Structure + Door

62x36x80 cm (door included)
7796200 Structure 6236 White Glossy
7796210 Structure 6236 Black Glossy

7796201 Door for 6236 LacqueredWhite Glossy
7796203 Door for 6236 Lacquered Black Glossy
7796204 Door for 6236 Lacquered Red Glossy Pantone 1805
7796205 Door for 6236 Lacquered Orange Glossy Pantone 137
7796206 Door for 6236 Lacquered Yellow Glossy Pantone 123

7796206 Door 6236 AQUASCAPING White Glossy
7796207 Door 6236 AQUASCAPING Black Glossy

System 4545 and 6236 door shape

The doors of our cabinets are flush with the front of our aquariums, so there are 2 forms of doors that correspond to the two aquarium models, Cubic Panoramic or Cubic Aquascaping.
Standard door

Door with rounded front edges that match the shape of the Cubic Panoramic aquariums

Aquascaping door

Square-edged door that fits the square corners of Cubic Aquascaping aquariums