Terra Activa

Active plant soil

Blau Terra Activa

Terra Activa

Granules that slowly release nutrients. Recommended for slow-growing planted aquariums and hobbyists  who are just starting out in the world of aquascaping or the planted aquarium.

Blau Terra Activa premium

Terra Activa Premium

High nutrient content. For densely planted aquariums or those that need fast results. Indicated for expert aquascapers.

Terra Activa Premium

Accelerates the growth of ground cover plants

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Special characteristics

Top quality aquarium soils

Blau Terra Activa


Low pH and hardness

Creates slightly acidic water conditions lowering pH and hardness, optimum for plants and aquatic animals.


Amonia free

Does not release ammonia into the water, avoiding the algae outbreaks.


Strong and durable grain

Long-lasting granule maintains its quality longer and does not break.


Nutrient rich

Provides for a long period of time the essential plant nutrients.
Terra Activa releases nutrients slowly.
Terra Activa Premium, richer in natural nutrients, acts immediately, producing rapid plant growth. Especially suitable for ground-cover plants.

Blau Terra Activa

Clear water due its ability to capture and retain water colloidal particles

In the photo you can see an infusion of tea after 24 hours, with and without Terra Activa

Terra Activa in 2 Colors and in 2 size grains 

Colors may vary slightly from batch to batch and once in the water.

Blau Terra Activa Black

Black (Normal size)
2-4 mm

7740005 Terra Activa Black
Normal 2l.
7740003 Terra Activa Black
Normal 8l.

Blau Terra Activa Black fine

Black (Fine size)
1-2 mm

7740006 Terra Activa Black Fine 2l.
7740011 Terra Activa Black Fine 8l.

Blau Terra Activa Brown

Brown (Normal Size)
2-4 mm

7740009 Terra Activa Brown Normal 2l.
7740007 Terra Activa Brown Normal 8l.

Blau Terra Activa Brown fine

Brown (Fine Size)
1-2 mm

7740010 Terra Activa Brown
Fine 2l.
7740008 Terra Activa Brown
Fine 8l. 

Terra Activa Premium

1 Color : dark earth
1 Size Grain:1.5-3.5 mm
7740012 Terra Activa Premium 2 litres
7740018 Terra Activa Premium 8 litres

Blau Terra Activa premium

Creates optimal conditions for most of the fresh water aquariums

Blau Terra Activa

Planted aquariums

Creates optimal conditions for rooting and growth of aquatic plants

Blau Terra Activa

Shrimp Aquarium

Perfect for the maintenance and reproduction of freshwater shrimps

Blau Terra Activa

Tropical Fish Aquarium

Recommended for mildly acidic water wish. It cleans and purifies the water.


  • Place a 6-10 cm layer of TERRA ACTIVA/TERRA ACTIVA PREMIUM directly onto the bottom of the aquarium.
  • It is not necessary to wash or rinse the soil before the placement.
  • Place and arrange decorative rocks and driftwood.
  • No need to cover with gravel.
  • Add the water in the aquarium slowly and carefully with the help of a plastic or strainer, avoiding disturb the substrate layer, up to 2-5 cm over the soil surface.
  • Plant the desired aquatic plants according to you design.
  • Just fill the rest of the aquarium with water, with the help of a plastic or strainer again, being careful not to disturb the decoration, the substrat layer and the just planted aquatic plants.
Aquarium Volum Minimum soil
31x18x24 cm13 l.3,5 l.
40x25x28 cm28 l.6 l.
45x28x30 cm38 l.7,5 l.
62x36x36 cm80 l.14 l.
92x50x50 cm230 l.28 l.
122x50x50 cm300 l.37 l.
152x60x60 cm540 l.55 l.